Sky Eye Network Membership Benefits

As your first year with the Network comes to an end I wanted to reach out to you personally to thank you for your participation and congratulate you on “doing the do” as Gina says, and for putting in the hard work needed to drive your business. Also, since it has been a while since you attended Drone Command Live where we presented many of the specific benefits of membership and the option for you to renew at the end of your year, I wanted to quickly run through all of the benefits of Sky Eye Network Membership again for you.
First though, I want to remind you that even though the annual renewal dues will be increasing, they will not for you. You are locked in at $79 a month—less than your cell phone bill. And remember, you are locked into that low price indefinitely as long as your membership does not lapse!
As a member of the Sky Eye Network you are part of the largest network of professional drone entrepreneurs in the world. That in itself is a huge benefit, but I wanted to remind you of some of the other perks that come with membership (in no particular order):

One of the most important is the license and permission to use all of the copyrighted and licensed marketing material created exclusively for the Sky Eye Network by Diego himself which includes the hot button loaded marketing material from your digital and print ready material, videos, and website.  These are proven, successful, marketing tools that you will have continued access to use as a member in good standing. And, as promised we will be delivering new marketing materials in new vertical markets at least once a year. And as a member of the Sky Eye Network, you will receive all of it at no additional charge.

Future vertical markets that we are looking at and developing include: golf courses, Agriculture, tower, solar, wind farm, oil & gas, and building inspections, and more. These are all in the beta pipeline and are looking for feedback from you on what your clients are asking for so we can evaluate the broad spectrum opportunity and add it to the pipeline. 
Currently you have 3 solid verticals:
1. Real estate 
2. Commercial aerial videography
3. Commercial photography which includes The View From Above.
And remember, Sky Eye Network members get access to DJI equipment at wholesale cost. And the Sky Eye Network is always out negotiating on your behalf with DJI, the government and other large companies for pricing and technical issues and future laws.
As a Sky Eye Network, member, you have access to continued collaboration with your fellow members live and via Facebook. You are who you spend time with, even virtually. I can’t think of a better group for you to associate with than the other members in the Network for advice and support and the confidence of knowing that when you are pitching large companies and land large gigs you have an immediate database of quality drone operators right here to back you up. 
Another incredible asset at your disposal is our Monthly live webcasts where Diego and I where continue to keep you updated on the most current changes and advances in the industry, answer your questions and support you with any challenges. By the way, this is the only way you can get direct access to Diego to get any direct support you want from him regarding marketing and business growth.

Also, only members of the Sky Eye Network are invited to our annual BizCon personal and business development conferences. These events feature world class business trainers and unlimited opportunities for personal and business growth.

And don’t forget that as a Sky Eye Network member you have access to all of our support and training materials for your business. This includes:

  1. Video training modules for drone pilots.
  2. Video training modules for aerial photography.
  3. Monthly marketing updates from Diego.
  4. Business and drone industry updates from me.
  5. Professional business support via phone and email.
  6. And your annually updated Sky Eye Network Membership ID card which gives you more credibility in the field with law enforcement and the community.

And even more that even we aren’t aware of yet! I am always looking for ways to add value to your experience with the Network, to support you in your business and the Network as a whole but remember that YOU are the Network. Diego, Gina and I and the rest of the team are here to support you in any way we can to help you grow YOUR business. As long as you are here we will have your back!

If you haven’t already been contact a member of our team will be getting in touch soon regarding renewing your membership. If you have ANY questions please call the office 601-SkyEye1, I look forward to continuing the journey with you! Take care and Fly Safe! 
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