Thank you for purchasing your ticket to Drone Command Live! This event will be amazing and we are excited to have you join us to start your Drone Business.

We want to go over several things before you attend the event, so please take your time when reading this email to ensure you understand everything prior to coming.

First, the event and venue information you need:

August 24 – 27, 2022


  • Business Opportunities for Drone Operators
  • Making Money in the Top Vertical Markets
  • Marketing Your Drone Business
  • FAA Laws, Rules, and Myths


  • How to Get Your First Client Immediately
  • Getting More Clients and Expanding Your Business
  • Comprehensive Internet Marketing Suite

DAY THREE – April 30th

  • Choosing and Using Your Aircraft
  • Recommended Drone Apps
  • 2 Biggest Marketing Mistakes
  • How to Build Your Drone Business Fast


Feeling hungry? The venue is by a number of restaurants. Here is a link to one of my favorites in town:

Second, since we do pay for your travel, you will need to mail your reimbursement to my team so we can pay you back.


Third, don’t forget to bring a friend for free!

Events are better when you have friends with you, and we always enjoy having as many like-minded people with us during Drone Command Live.

We offer attendees the chance to bring a guest for free so they can participate as well and learn about the drone industry with you.

All you have to do to sign up a guest for free is to click here: FREE GUEST ORDER FORM

Fourth, become a VIP if you haven’t done so.

Having VIP status for this event comes with a number of special perks, including:

 – Book Autographed

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 – VIP Seating

 – Dinner Outing

 – Lanyards

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