BIG NEWS – Your Opportunity is Here!

Watch the Video Below to See For Yourself:

Today I want to tell you about the coolest new development in the Sky Eye Network. It is called Sky Eye Network Basic Membership and it is priced just right for everyone!

So let me tell you what it is and how and why it was developed.

In short, we’ve had literally hundreds of requests from attendees of Drone Command to have a membership option to the Sky Eye Network at a lower price point. People wanted to stay connected to us—they wanted to have some support, and they wanted more direction in terms of building their businesses, but they weren’t quite ready for Bronze, Silver, or Gold Membership.

So, based on overwhelming demand, I went ahead and built the Basic Membership to do just that. And I’ve included the most specific resources to help you build your business fast! Let me tell you what it is…

Unquestionably, the most valuable tools we have available for Drone Operators who are willing to take massive action and work hard right now are our exclusive and proprietary business plans. Right now we have 4 of them, for Aerial Imagery, Video Production, Real Estate, and Inspections.

These incredible business plans tell you:

  • Exactly who your target market is.
  • Exactly what the target market’s hot buttons are.
  • What hot button loaded headlines you should use (written by Diego himself).
  • Exactly what to sell, how to deliver it, how to package it, how much to charge.
  • What resources you will need.
  • How to get customers.
  • How to sell more to your existing customers.
  • What specific action steps to take to make at least $100,000 this year. And what additional action steps you can take to earn $250,000 or more.

The bottom line is that if you just choose ONE of these business plans and take massive action and actually execute the plan contained in it, you’ll be successful! But you’ve got to actually do it, of course. However, Basic Membership does not include any of the marketing material or sales collateral associated with these business plans—if you want that, you’ll have to go Bronze, Silver, or Gold, but here’s the good news, because I want you to succeed, I am including all 4 business plans in our Basic Membership package! That’s right! You get them all!

And beyond that, you will need some support!

So in addition to the business plans, you will get access to our monthly live webcasts where you can stay in touch with me and Diego directly. Yup! You’re never alone when you’re part of the Sky Eye Network. As a basic member, you can ask either one of us any question about drones, marketing, business development, etc., and we will answer your questions LIVE.

It is a level of support unmatched anywhere in the industry. And these webcasts are all LIVE, so you get to interact with us in realtime. Of course, they are all recorded and archived as well.

And for more support, you’re also going to get access to the Training videos in the Sky Eye Network membership portal. So you’ll get complete access to basic and advanced Drone Flight Training and drone photography training, along with photo presets.

And last but not least you will get a Sky Eye Network Certified Drone Operator’s ID Card! Yup! You’ll get all of this with your Sky Eye Network Basic Membership.

The Business Plans alone are valued at $1,999 each. Your Sky Eye Network Basic Membership is a value of over $8,000, but you can take advantage of it today for only $899 or, two payments of $499. And your purchase price serves as credit for an upgrade in the future. In other words, if you choose to upgrade to Bronze, Silver, or Gold Membership in the future, your payment for Basic Membership will be credited toward your upgrade! So you can’t lose!

If you’re interested in joining the Sky Eye Network with Basic Membership, to get immediate access to our proprietary and exclusive Business Plans, Live Webcasts with me and Diego, training videos, and your own Sky Eye Network Certified Drone Operator’s ID Card, call us today at (208) 917-3827 and speak to a Sky Eye Network Membership Specialist.

Take care and we look forward to welcoming you into the Sky Eye Family!

If you’re interested in joining the Sky Eye Network, you can feel free to contact us for additional information.

Also, you can get more information about the Sky Eye Network by attending any of the Drone Command Live events being held all over the country. Sign up for the next Drone Command Live event by clicking here.