BizCon 2018 Agenda

Special Alumni Training with Damon & Gina. Starts at 2pm Wednesday for Alumni only.

During our two-hour Alumni training we will discuss:
  • How to overcome challenges as you are developing and growing your business
  • How to keep your focus on the vIsion for your business and Do the Do
  • When crap hits the fan - how to navigate and succeed
  • Tools you can use on a daily basis to keep you on track with making money and growing your business


Training with Diego and Damon


In this dynamic, content-rich presentation, Eric will guide you through Sales A-Z, giving you the tools required in order to have a permanent shift and walk away a different business owner and sales professional than when you walked in.

He has designed an exclusive presentation for the Sky Eye Network in order to give you real-life, practical ideas of what’s working in sales today.
  • How to Command a Sales Mindset
  • Lead Generation - How to Book Appointments and Close the Deal
  • How to Confidently Prospect Any Business
  • Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Handle Common Objections
  • Whether you currently struggle with the sales aspect of your drone business or consider yourself a cold-calling machine, you will GREATLY benefit from Eric’s Masterclass in Sales.

In addition to his presentation, Eric will participate in our Ask The Experts Panel Discussion where anything goes!

Friday, October 19th:
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Times are subject to change
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Sky Eye Network
4582 Kingwood Dr. Ste.196
Kingwood, TX 77345