Sky Eye Network ID Card Request

You will receive ONE ticket into a raffle for every success story that you send us using the form below. On December 6th, during our LIVE Webcast, we will pull one raffle ticket out of a jar and the winner will receive a Brand New DJI Mavic Pro!

Submit your Sky Eye Success story in video format by doing the following:

1. Use your cell phone or another camera to record a video of yourself explaining a success story you have had since joining the Sky Eye Network.

2. Examples are: story of a deal that you closed, story of how you used Sky Eye Network resources to get new business, the story of revenue generated, etc.

3. The video does not need to be professionally edited. Just use your cell phone and make sure we can hear you (speak up).

4. Include proof or samples in the video. It could be a picture of the job, a picture of the check, a picture of you standing in front of a crowd of people while giving a presentation, etc. (This is optional, but very impactful—if you want to inspire your fellow SEN members, include some proof.)

5. Send us a separate video and separate submission for each story. Remember, you can win an extra ticket for each one!

That’s it. This is easy. Then upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo or Dropbox and send us the link using the form below. Good luck!

NOTE – we will be using your success stories in Webcasts, Live Events, and future promotions to inspire others. So show your excitement and be an instrument of inspiration for your fellow members!

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.