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Hey everyone, this is the Drone Boss. I wanted to give you an update on what has been happening with the Sky Eye Network since you were last with us at Drone Command Live. Because A LOT has changed and a lot of AWESOME stuff has happened.

And, we’re about to make some awesome new announcements and releases and before we do, I wanted to make you a special offer. Perhaps its a good fit for you, perhaps not. I’ll let you decide, but I at least want to let you know.

They Sky Eye Network has now grown to the largest network of professional drone entrepreneurs in the world. We have over 1,000 licensed FAA pilots in our network who are doing business all over the country and some even internationally.

We are continuing to have great Drone Command Live events all over the country, and will continue to do so throughout 2018. We’ve ALSO beefed up our customer support staff, our fulfillment and implementation teams, and our technological infrastructure to keep up with the demands of the Sky Eye Network. Its been awesome.

Really, we’ve udpated so many things and there are so many details that I can’t share them all. So instead, I’d just like to share 3 major updates that I think you’ll find incredibly valuable.

First of all, we have created the industry’s most detailed, advanced, and most easily executable Business Plans. So, members of the Sky Eye Network currently have access to 4 different complete Business Plans that give Drone Entreprenuers everytihng they need to succeed in these 4 specific vertical markets. Currently we have Aerial Imagery (which is commercial photography and videography), Video Production, and Real Estate, and the newest release in 2018 was for Inspections (for cell phone towers, oil refineries, bridges, and more).

These comprehensive business plans have been the key to success for our members. Because unlike typical business plans that give you an overview of a business or an industry, or just exist as a bunch of meaningless information organized to please a banker in hopes of getting a business loan, Sky Eye Network business plans tell you:

  1. Exactly who your target market is.
  2. What their hot buttons are along with hot button loaded headlines written by Diego Rodriguez himself.
  3. Exactly what you should sell the target market with sample packages, order forms, and necessary contracts.
  4. What you actually deliver and detailed instructions on how to deliver it.
  5. How much you should charge.
  6. Details on what resources you will need including sales and marketing collateral, equipment, etc.
  7. We even show you how to get customers. And we give you proven sales scripts to use in the field that have already been proven to work by hundreds of other SEN members in the field.
  8. We show you exactly what do do every single day to earn at least $100,000 in your first year and for those who are willing to put in the effort, we show you how you can realistically earn $250,000. You will know exactly how much work and what work you need to do daily to attain those numbers. And its actually not that hard.
  9. We then show you what action steps to take immediately
  10. And show you how to upsell your customers to make even more money from each client.

Its everything! The business model, the plan, the execution steps. Everything! Quite frankly, there’s nothing like these anywhere.

And the most amazing part is that on top of this, we actually GIVE you all of the tools, resources, and sales material you need for each marketplace. This includes brochures, fliers, sales tools, promotional videos, forms, and more. You get everything in original source format so you can customize with your business information and be ready to go practically overnight.

These Business Plans are easily worth $2,000 each and in the future, we will be selling them as comprehensive business plans for $2,000 or more. However, for now, all 4 are included with membership in the Sky Eye Network. And, as promised, the Sky Eye Network will release a new one every year and Sky Eye Members will get these updated Business Plans every year for FREE. That’s right, these new Business plans, each of which detail a business model and executable plan to earn you more than $100,000 each year are included in your Sky Eye Membership and yes, you can get a new one FREE every year.

In fact this year, as already mentioned, we recently released the Inspections business plan and it has changed the future for many of our existing members—and as members of the Sky Eye Network, they all got it FREE. These are opportunities you literally won’t find or get anywhere else.

Second, they Sky Eye Network has recently become the largest organization of Drone Flight Instructors in America. We’ve opened up our own Flight Training Division and it is only available to existing Sky Eye Network Members.

Yup! That’s right! If you’d like to become certified through the Sky Eye Network as a flight instructor, you can come to our next flight instructor’s course in Houston this year and become a certified Flight Instructor. And you can then teach others to become drone operator’s and earn an income, while you simultaneously find the best pilots for your own growing drone business!

And Sky Eye Flight Instructors get everything they need to be successful. We give you the training curriculum you’ll use to teach, a complete PowerPoint presentation in Keynote, Powerpoint, and PDF format to teach from, course workbooks for your students, and all the marketing material you need to promote yourself including brochures, a promotional video, and a landing page for your website.

And as a certified Flight Instructor, your students will receive a Drone Operator’s ID card with hologram and their FAA 107 number on it. This is an incredible opportunity and with over 80 existing Flight Instructors, the Sky Eye Network is already the 800 pound gorilla in this growing marketplace and we’re slated to grow even bigger.

Third, the Sky Eye Network has begun sponsoring an annual business development and personal development conference called BizCon. Our goal is to bring in some of the top trainers and business professionals anywhere in the world to give Sky Eye Network members access to content, training, and education that would otherwise be unavailable or out of reach. Last year, we had an incredible event in Cancun, Mexico with one of the business world’s top business coaches, and this year we’ll be in Lake Tahoe with Eric Lofholm, who is one of the most widely respected and successful sales trainers for entrepreneurs in the world!

If I sound excited, its because I am! I’ve been blessed to watch this organization grow and see our members find successes that they’d previously only dreamed of. We have members earning more than than $250,000 per year already, and our top guy earned over $400,000 last year alone. We have members who have hired staff, have several pilots working for them, who are employing friends and family members, and who are earning income in every marketplace imaginable, from construction to real estate, to agriculture, inspections, oil and gas, video production and more. Our members are already starting to build their own drone empires!

Ultimately the success of our members is our success. And everything we’ve done and everything we continue to do is for the success of our members. Period.

So, that’s why I wanted to send you this video update. Because we are actually going to be adding a brand new Business Plan this year in 2018. So members will get two this year, even though we only promised one. And we’re going to open up tickets to BizCon 2018 in Lake Tahoe, and to our upcoming Flight Training in Houston.

There is no better time to be a member of the Sky Eye Network. So here’s the good news. Since you’ve already attended Drone Command Live and spent 3 days with us in the past—we are going to do something special. We are going to extend the special pricing like that which was made available to you at Drone Command Live for the next 2 weeks!

If timing was not right for you when you attended Drone Command Live, we understand. And so now we’re going to allow you 2 more weeks to jump onboard. So you can take advantage of the new advances in the Sky Eye Network for either option you saw at Drone Command Live. You can take advantage of the discount we offered you, or the payment plans.

This is your chance, my friend. We would love to welcome you to our family. If you are interested in Joining the Sky Eye Network for a discount or on a payment program, simply download the Sky Eye Network Prospectus by clicking on it on the right side of this page, and then calling our office, or sending us an email.

One of our staff members will be happy to walk you through the options and help you find the option that best suits you, so you too can start building your drone empire! Take care and I hope to be welcoming you soon into the Sky Eye Network.

So don’t wait, call (208) 917-3827 and speak to one of our membership specialists today and join the Sky Eye Network!