Welcome to the Sky Eye Network

Hello Sky Eye Network Members! We’re so excited to have you on board. You are now officially a member of the largest Network of professional drone operators in the world. We are here to support you and we are in this together. And it is such an exciting time.

I don’t want to take too much of your time, but I have prepared this short video to remind you of what is included in your Sky Eye Membership, because it is literally so much stuff, that it can be a bit overwhelming. But the bottom line is that we’ve got your back and we are here to help ensure your success.

But remember, we can’t do the work for you, so get out there and take MASSIVE ACTION every day.

That being said, I want to remind you that your membership in the Sky Eye Network includes a boatload of resources. Some of them you can touch and feel, but some of them you won’t know or appreciate until you need it—kind of like insurance. Nobody knows how great it is until they need it. And that is what support is like—you don’t realize how important it is until you need it.

And so you have multiple avenues for support with the Sky Eye Network. The best method for communication is email. Send us any support question or issue to contact@skyeyenetwork.com and you request will be handled as quickly as possible. You can also call the office during business hours for support. Additionally, you can connect with your peers on our private Facebook Group that only members of the Sky Eye Network have access to. And you can even connect directly with Diego and I on our monthly webcasts which we have LIVE every month. You can see the schedule for the webcasts in the Membership Portal. So we’ve got your back covered in terms of support.

Additionally, don’t forget to request your Sky Eye Network Membership ID card. You get an updated one every year for FREE. These are incredibly useful in the real world when working with the public and even law enforcement.

Of course, the Sky Eye Network has the very best marketing tools and business collateral available in the industry. You can’t get it anywhere else but here. Just peruse the Dropbox folder that only you have access to for an entire business in a box worth of files, forms, tools and more. I mean, you’ve got brochures, sales presentations, mailers, Facebook ads, email swipe files, and everything imaginable for the top vertical markets available right now—and we’ll add at least one new one every year. And of course, Gold and Silver members even have access to our proven sales videos that convert customers and prospects for you! Quite frankly, just the videos alone are more valuable than the cost of our Gold Membership.

And, as a Sky Eye Network member you have the licensing to use all of our content! The value of this alone is worth 10 times the cost of Gold Membership in the Network. Don’t forget that part. As you learned in Drone Command Live, you can have all the tools, but if they’re done incorrectly and full of platitudes, they are basically worthless. We’ve invested the time and effort to have everything created properly for you directly from Power Marketing Consultants—and Diego himself created these tools for Sky Eye Network.

And, we’ve got you covered as soon as you’re ready to scale your business. We have training videos for drone pilots, for aerial photography, and more. Imagine that—we’re giving you an entire, ready to go training program for your future staff! Its incredible.

And don’t forget you get access to wholesale drone purchases, group discounts on insurance, monthly business training and updates and the strength of the largest network of professional drone operators in the world.

And on top of all that, we even throw in a strategically created website, developed by Power Marketing as a bonus for you! Yup. You get it all with the Sky Eye Network.

I know you’re excited because this is an exciting time in your life. If you will take Massive Action every day, and commit to USE these resources, you will be successful. So take MASSIVE ACTION, my friend, and we will see you at the top. Take care!