Your Mindset As A Dronepreneur

Hello Sky Eye Network members, this is Gina, aka Mrs. Drone Boss, with a quick message to welcome you again to the Sky Eye Network and to quickly share my winning formula for success as you embark on your journey with us.

While you all know me as Mrs. Drone Boss, I’m also the COO of the Sky Eye Network. My background as an award-winning pharmacist/integrative health expert and my two-decades of experience helping people transform their lives makes me uniquely qualified in what I like to call, Doing the Do. I’ve spent years learning, living and teaching this concept and as a mindset expert, I want to share my tools and strategies with you so you can get maximum leverage in your business and your life.

Today, I’m giving you three keys to help keep you focused and to stay out of overwhelm. Let’s start with the first key…

1. Have your mindset on point. Your mindset is how you see yourself, your business and your value in the world. You might not realize it, but you control your mindset from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. Make sure you start each day with set rituals to shift your mindset to one of confidence, certainty and service.

2. Do the do. Don’t delay the start. Do the work! The resources to do the do are in the portal and any time you feel stuck, go back to basics. If you haven’t done it already, schedule, pay and study for your 107. Watch the training videos in the portal. Register your drone (with DJI refresh) and activate your drone. Practice flying your drone! Refer to your Getting Started Sheets for weeks 1 & 2 and start checking those items off the list.

3. Take stellar care of people. At the heart of being a successful entrepreneur and a SEN member is building lasting, meaningful relationships with your prospects, clients and employees. Your ability to thrive in business really does come down to how you treat people. Your goal should be to make everyone feel better after having spent time with you.

It’s one of our main goals internally at SEN to make sure our members know and feel that we care. This is an exciting time for you and I want you to know we’re here supporting you 100%.

If you’re a gold member, we have three different teams working on your business. It typically takes 4-6 weeks to have all of your elements completed, but I want you to know that we’re on it!

For all of our members—bronze, silver, and gold—you have the support of our staff for the entire year of your membership. We’re here to answer your questions via email, phone, Facebook, and on our monthly webcasts.

So, follow the three keys: Have your mindset on point, do the do and take stellar care of people. If you do, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll succeed. I can’t wait to hear about your victories. I’m so excited for all that we’ll accomplish together in this extraordinary industry! 

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